Bon Weekend, mon chers!

Darling Readers,

As I'm sure you've noticed posting is always a bit light Friday through Sunday, and that's because my rather new boyfriend has yet to find out about my dirty little blogging secret. I'm sure I will tell him sooner or later, or maybe not. My roommate Dana said yesterday "Every girl has a skeleton in her closet. Most have so many I'm surprised they don't cough up bones when they speak." ha!

I don't have too many of those skeletons, but mine happens to be covered in words and feelings in html code.

E works in Hood River during the week and is home at our little " two-free-birds-one-lovenest " bedroom on the weekends, so i get a bit distracted.

Anyways - I'm off to the Colombia River Gorge this weekend to visit him and his family
Tonight is 'First Friday' : a thing they do in Hood River where all the local businesses stay open late and show art and serve wine ect. E's parents own a vinyard & winebar which we helped open earlier this year so it will be a fun night.

Fall has rolled in and it's getting chilly. I don't own a single thing with long sleeves (not one thing. it stops a 3/4) so i'll be interested to see what i find to wear.

[image f: my vintage pentax, last time i was up at the Gorge.]


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