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I want to introduce you to some of my friends! And, not just blog friends (though those are wonderful too) but people that have been a part of my real everyday life, and who have saved my life with their words and presence more times than I can count.

Because they are fabulous & full of talent & you should follow them, too!

S h e ...
first blog I check every morning, not just my soul mate but the other half of my soul, parallel lives, curly hair, nothing halfway, green eyes, writer, celeb-gossip know it all, french, says her name is "grace" at starbucks, diet coke addict, endlessly giving, giggle, selfless, chicaaahgo accent, straight a's, 'just something about that girl' sparkle.

once said ...

"when i love things, i really love them.
this includes everything from people to movies to foods.
and i really feel it, too. it's never that sort of detached, comfortable love. it's always an intense, through-my-body sort of love, even when it's love for, say, "saved by the bell." ... you think i'm kidding."

now go on and fall in love with her too.


  1. oh, soulmate, how wonderful you are :) i just laughed so freaking hard at "celeb-gossip know it all"... like i literally laughed out how... thank you! how sweet!

    missing you so much, my heart knows we're apart and hates every second of it!

  2. also - i tagged you with an award :) go look at my blog!


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