Eternal Summer: Remember This?

It's incredible to realize that while I was living in San Diego's eternal summer, fall was already on its way back here in Oregon. It begins to come in on the cold winds the first week of September, the same week I used to migrate south for the winter ( and school year) .

The leaves, the smells & the colors seem like something wholly new and different. I may have lived for 18 years with an experience of fall, but I was never old enough to appreciate it. I guess you do a lot of learning when you are away in college - and not just about philosophy and economics. But about little things, and changes, and how to appreciate the little things because they change so quickly.

[(1) taken on film with a my pentax k1000, and developed on Matte Ilford Paper 8 x 12]


  1. Totally feeling you on seeing the seasons change again. Although, for us, it's mostly from sun to rain, but still.

    I can't wait to carve a pumpkin! <3

  2. i love this post dog. thinking about all this fall weather recently has been giving me actual butterflies! but remember last year when we would sit bayside and watch madder run around and think about how lucky we were to be in san diego- barefoot on the beach in december? i cant decide which is better!


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