I Made You a Painting, It's Called ...

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero's - Home


  1. yay! i just posted on this song a few days ago :) it is my fav. song right now, and it has been on repeat on my ipod NONSTOP. Eli played it for me, and that is how i discovered it.. despite that fact making me smile every time i listen to it, it has the sweetest lyrics i think i've ever heard. i hope that my love will be a representation of this.. especially the line "nothing new is sweeter than with you. home is wherever i'm with you." i think, too many times, people get so caught up in the dizzying beginnings of a romance that they take for granted the stage that brings a quiet love that settles into your heart and creates a sort of peace.

  2. "i made you a painting. its called "celebration". its sexual and violent"

    is this what the title of this post is referencing?

    i love you doggie!

  3. Cassy: what a beautiful comment (& a way to look at love)

    Caitlin: of course it's a reference. Todd is my favorite artist.


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