Soul Mates, Literally.

"Plato believed that human beings were originally hermaphroditic. Severed into two sexes, men and women spend their lives seeking their other halves."
Jefferey Eugenides in the introduction to the anthology My Mistress's Sparrow is Dead {A christmas present from my true friend Michelle}. Perhaps this idea inspired his book Middlesex?


  1. Okay... Mistress's Sparrow is Dead. One of my top five favorite short story collections.

    I found it on the floor at a British bookstore in France. It was the only copy. Like it practically gave me the choice to either step on it, or pick it up and buy it and overpay about seven dollars due to the exchange rate.

    I think my favorite story is "How to be an Other Woman." Let me know what you think.

  2. platos symposium. awesome ideas in that book. this is one of many ... however the image of the human before being severed as a blob is very sifi for me and all i think about is some of the weird alien creatures for star wars ...


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