5.1 Makes Me Feel Fine

There aren't many things a person can believe in these days.

But I do believe that the reason most of us go on living is the thing called 'Summer.'

All this working we do is just our way of waiting for the winter to end or the weekend to come; when the air is clear and full and filled with the noise carried on wind-gusts. We close our eyes in relief when they hit us. And we listen.

We listen as the cars humm rather than woosh and can hear everyone going. Somewhere.
The sound of Brillo on white marble floors drift in from a near window. These are the words that summer whispers: do, go, do and go.

A season of potential; of waking everyday to the sun. We stretch our limbs ready to grow now, as if by photosynthesis.

This is the power, hidden, rationed, each day in the gray. Knowing that summer is coming. Hold on.


  1. I've just gone for a run.. It's the first day the sun is shining and its slightly warm here in Leeds.. its a beautiful day.. I cannot wait for summer :)



  2. every word you wrote is so true! with the forecast of another snowstorm looming in the near future the only thing getting me through these last few weeks of winter is thoughts of spring and summer.


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