Something's Missing

I've never missed more people more deeply than this year after graduating college. It seems like every morning I wake up missing someone or something ( sunshine!)

When I went away to college in San Diego I begged my dad everyday for 8 months to please please let me drop out and come home to Oregon. The word 'homesickness' was an understatement - it was like 'hometerminalillness'. But pain is funny in the way that is goes away little by little; one day you wake up and you look out the window and you read the paper and drink coffee and it then occurs to you that something is a bit different. and you realize you aren't sad anymore. And then it starts all over again when you leave that place for the next step in your life journey.

I have really surprised myself here in Argentina because after a month of being here I'm still not really homesick. (Much to the relief of my family/the phone bill). Maybe after a while we start to realize that part of growing up means that we'll always be missing somebody - and whether that distance is measured from Portland or Buenos Aires doesn't make so much of a difference.

[absolutely love these from SilverMade Studios. Especially the e.e cummings inspired one on the right.
I Carry Your Heart With Me is one of my very favorite poems.]


  1. i have felt that way ever since i moved at age 13. i miss my home there, but when there, i miss here!

    i don't know if that makes mind is silly today.

    i love the necklaces--such a cool idea!!


  2. And when we find the love that makes us forget, we aren't sad or missing anyone for a while. But, you are right, we are always missing someone.

  3. I was so so homesick while in Australia. Yet, I find myself missing bits and pieces of Oz now that I'm back! I love the ee cummings inspired set. I absolutely love it.


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