(ha·ven) n. A place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary


I found my "special place" when I was in Argentina.
It's called San Telmo: it has art galleries, arching trees and cobblestone streets.
It's the place where I will go if things ever get bad. You know really bad.
I'd sell all my belongings and rent an apartment, change my name, and never look back.
It's my h i d i n g p l a c e. My haven.
My best friend Laura has a place like this in France called Montmartre.
Do you?


  1. I guess I'd have to think about that one...Going to my parents house and walking around their huge backyard in the countryside often feels like a haven for me :)


  2. maybe morocco and the blue tinted city,
    but if i had to choose one place that has touched me..
    Montserrat, Spain

  3. I used to, not so much anymore. I need to find a new hiding place again :)

  4. So beautiful!
    I love finding your own special place.
    My special place is in Aix en Provence in France (or of course Paris as well!) xxx

  5. Montmarte is such a beautiful haven!!! It was one of my favorite places in all of Europe

  6. mollys middle name is haven :)

  7. wow it is a special place!! very pretty!


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