Oh, Won't You Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

from Melanie Ormos 2
from Melanie Ormos 1

" So light and fragile that you fear the slightest wind could come and carry them all away in one swift motion. " Melanie Ormos (quote and photos)
One of my very best friend Melanie moved to Portland the week I left for Buenos Aires. It has been so wonderful reading her blog as she discovers a place that I kind of forgot to appreciate when I was so excited to be somewhere new. It reminds me daily of all the magic that waits back there for me {and part of that will be seeing her}! She is a fabulous writer and photographer who looks at life with her own kind of elegant optimism, don't you love these?

Dear Blossoms, please wait for me to come home before you
f l u t t e r away for the season!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out Sam! Love love love you and seriously cannot wait for you to be back in Portland (even though I absolutely adore your travel journals).

    And Laura—yes, come visit soon!


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