Movie Montage Motivation

There are days when we all feel like we are making big sacrifices for our dreams, but they still don't seem to be getting any closer to reality.
Days when you work two jobs, and have to ride the bus, and you get Chinese food for dinner, and you overdraft your bank account, and it's only, you've got to be kidding me, monday.
And you just want to give up.

I had a day like that day. {that second sentence may be a bit autobiographical}
And I did want to give up.
But as I was sitting in the bath trying to soak my feet and sweat out the m.s.g I remembered a little piece of advice I once gave my sister when she was in summer school.

This is the movie montage part of life!

Sometimes in life you're going to be Elle Woods studying for the LSat.
or Baby doing lifts with Patrick Swayze at dance practice.

But we all know what happens for them in the end. They make it happen. And if you can just remember that, and see yourself working in 30 second clips with a motivational song played over it you can get through to the climactic victory scene too.

and incase you are going through a time like this yourself
here is a little extra motivation:

[*apologies to all the feminists out there on the hypermasculinity in this]


  1. SAM I LOVE YOU. i listen to that mulan jam all the time at the gym when im at the end of my workout and feel like im gonna pass out!

  2. haha i don't know what's better, the msg reference or the mulan inspirational song... either way, this preeeetty much just made my morning - and inspired me to do my pointless, meaningless stylistics hw... because out of that will come (what else?) a published novel. right?! haha :) xo <3 miss you!

  3. Be like Elle Woods when she's studying for the LSAT's. Sam Shorey i am soooooo glad i got to see you and so happy you posted this:-) and of course "i'll make a man out of you" is only my theme song

  4. i love that song from mulan!!

  5. this post made me smile. i've had a rough day, but i'm not giving up :)

  6. oh sam. where do i start? with this wonderful post..? or maybe that much needed text from you yesterday? or maybe the fact that my monday was EXACTLY like this too? you ARE wonderful, and you inspire me EVERY single day.

  7. just saw this for the first time... can't tell you how much i needed this!! you rock, sam :)

  8. This makes me unbelievably happy! :)


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