Blue Period : Inside & Out

I'm blue. da dem de dah dem de dah.
Well ... I'm not blue but the whole main room of my studio is. And I still can't get enough.

(1) My favorite part about decorating with blue is that all blues go together. Even greeny-blues and purpley-blues and realblue-blues. Cote Ouest Avril-Mai 2010 [via dress, design & decor]
(2) Which makes dressing easy too. Both these shots are heavy on Cornflower Blue, which is just the slightest bit periwinkle. Kate Moss by Arthur Elgort for Vogue Italia [via Terrier and Lobster]


  1. hahaha, I love that song. and cute post! I personally like cornflower blue. Its a good summer color nd looks good on almost everybody

    Jo @ Sun Kissed


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