PBRidiculously Cute

I woke up this morning, did the obligatory purse check to make sure that another miracle had occurred and I didn't lose my cellphone or wallet, and found 18 Pabst coasters in there.

Alcohol has the ability to make everything in my already overly-emotive world even more deserving of emphasis so ... when I spotted these at the bar it went something like this:

"oh my gosh look how CUTE these BABY ELEPHANTS drinking PABST ARE!!!! Look at that LITTLE GUY just putting his little truck in there, using his elephant hand to brace himself!!! Or that LITTLE BABY so CUTE just sitting on top of there chatting with his baby elephant pal!!!!"

Apparently, Pabst's guerilla art campaign is working out for both of us. Free art and creativity for them from little known artists ... free coasters and cuteness for me.

(1) eugene duane's 'Pink Elephants Go Home


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