Like I Blister in the Sun

sunflowerspbr 002sunflowerspbr 003
This afternoon, I noticed the sunflowers I bought at the farmers market. In the vase they had turned their heads to the windows, all of them bending over in the same direction and openwide. The official word for this phenomena is heliotropism, but I'm going to call it 'a damn inspirational life philosophy'.

I have a nasty habit of intentionally exposing myself to things I know will hurt me. Checking up on ex-boyfriends, former friends, a reliable series of emotions starting with anticipatory worry, the satisfaction of a (destructive) need, and then sadness or anger.

My dad once told me the best revenge is living well, a little advice that's taken to heart by those sunnies. It's what we all should do : Stop exerting energy on the shadows behind us and turn our faces to the sun. Soak it in and grow.


  1. Your quote is beautiful! I'll have to bookmark this post to remember it :)

  2. this might be my favorite post of all time. love love love.


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