Seperate but Equal

We could have used these tourist lanes [via Cup of Jo] on the Mission Beach boardwalk. There was nothing more frustrating than trying to get to school when a group of kids in puka shells were walking down the street on spring break... or more embarrassing than trying to walk-of-shame home in the dawn hours before anyone wakes up and finding a family from utah with 11 kids.


  1. Hahaha so true... you should watch the video of this on it is sooo funny.

    Love you, can't wait for a date :)

  2. i am right there with you.

    i may or may not have stopped my bike to teach a group of teenage girls how to walk in a single file. i think they're still grateful.

  3. awwww the memories :) love this pic of us! mostly because i look like my tomboy self and you look like the usd fashion columnist that you [were]. perfect.


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