Darling, It's Better Down Where It's ...

Posting is a little low this week because I've been spending every free moment preparing for an overly extravagent Under the Sea birthday party on Thursday.
{it's for me. shhh: I'm turning 23 oh my!}

Above is the invitation, which we sent out like postcards. All it took was a silver stamp pad, card stock and acrylic paint which I double loaded for the ocean. The lanterns are made from that fun Japanese patterned masking tape cut into shapes.

Everything is from Collage on Alberta St. and I can't wait to share pictures from the event with you!

Thanks for making 22 so wonderful, and I'll see you all when I am just a little bit older.


  1. that invitation is super cute! happy birthday! hope you have an absolutely wonderful time celebrating! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Sam!!! hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are, let us know how the party goes.

    ps- cute invitations, they look professional!


  3. Happy Birthday !! I have just found your blog and i really love it !!! all the quotes ... arts ...fashion... EVERYTHING!! <3
    I will surely visit you very often. No doubt!!

    Post a lot please!!! I could sincerly say this is one of my top 5 favs Blogs :)

  4. that is the cutest effing thing ive ever seen, my creative friend!!

  5. i've just stumbled upon your blog and spent an inordinately long while perusing your archives. i am a fellow portland-blogger and i found you via your urban weeds shoot (*side note: you have the best hair EVER). you are a breath of fresh air and are now on my short list of "to read"'s :)

  6. Your invite is adorable! Happy early Birthday :)


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