Don't Try This at Home

cake disaster 001

Everything always looks easier on t.v.
Whether I am watching an Olympic ice-skater do a triple axel or watching Martha Stewart do a triple buttercream cake I invariably think 'Hey! I could do that'. I have a slightly delusional amount of self confidence when it comes to my general abilities.

For example, take a multi-layer rainbow cake {almost identical to this one of I am baker.} It's just a bunch of little cakes stacked up on top of eachother - super easy right? Well, patience and talent are two things I lack in the baking department, so poor Maya's birthday cake was a c o m p l e t e d i s a s t e r . That spoon in the foreground is acting as a buttress to keep it from collapsing.

I was humbled


  1. that cake sure did taste good though after about ten hours of luau day-drinking <3

  2. That is fantastic. I appreciate truthful blogging...the good, the bad and the not so pretty! Thanks for sharing~made my Sunday;)

  3. sam. i think i love you more than life. i also made a rainbow cake (or attempted to) not so long ago. haha. it was hilarious to say the least. and after realizing we both posted about eat pray love on the same day (our eerie capacity to have the same things on our mind and in our life at the same time) i read more about julia roberts (whom i adore) and realized why she is so perfect for the part. the same reason we both feel like we ARE elizabeth gilbert.. they're both cancers. (okay maybe that is just a coincidence, but a perfect one i must say). can't wait to see you for your bday. i love you.

  4. This does not look easy to me.

  5. hah! I love it. (But even messy cakes still taste delicious, right?)


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