True Words found on N. Mississippi & Failing St.

True Words on Mississippi St.
"Living simply makes loving simple" - Bell Hooks
please tell me : what does this mean to you?


  1. that's so beautiful:) i love finding new sayings:) thanx

  2. bell hooks is one of the smartest women.

  3. I like that. So simple (no pun intended) but means so much.

  4. This is such a great quote! I need this tattooed to the insides of my eyelids =P

  5. Sam! I love this. To me, the idea of 'living simply' means deconstructing and embracing the richness of everyday activities. Everything becomes an 'event' because everything is unique and has never happened before. Valuing these moments in your day without judgement translates into your relationships in a way that you can just simply love someone for their uniqueness and contribution to the moment.


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