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Coffee Shop in Puerto ModeroCoffee Shop in Puerto ModeroCoffee Shop in Puerto Modero
Coffee Shop in Puerto Modero

'Logically incoherent' is a term philosophers use to describe something that is so contrary it's inconceivable. The easy demonstration of this is to ask someone to imagine a square circle. You can't do it. What it means to be a circle (round) is defeated by the the properties of being square (having corners).

To Argentinians the idea of a 'coffee to-go' is on about the same level as a square circle. Taking coffee with you defeats the purpose - to stay and connect with the person who is (inevitably) joining you. So much so, that in most coffee shops to-go cups don't even exist.

In all of Argentina, a country of 36 million people, there is one starbucks. ONE. In New York City, population 8 million, there are 171. In the country of Japan there are over 800 Starbucks' and counting. There are few foreign markets that Starbucks hasn't dominated. But, I'm not surprised that a coffeshop that is the epitome of 'quick cup on the run' hasn't caught on.

During my time in Buenos Aires I've been a bit jealous of the depth of people's relationships here. Everywhere large groups of friends talk over cups of coffee which sit, half full, as their possessors wave their hands recounting a story which seems to be endlessly climaxing. (Of course, this is aided by a thing also valued by porteƱos: the two hour lunch break.)

Time is taken for the sharing, and building, and catching up that Americans are always 'too busy' for. People here understand that coffee, like friendship, isn't instant.

{p.s click the shot of the single cup to see the heart shaped piece of chocolate floating in it. a good omen!}


  1. I love the last part about people understanding coffee ... I would like to say that I understand coffee. Sending you a sweet hug! xo

  2. Mermaid Queen - I wish! Just some old writing a photos (from my trip in March) I finally got around to scanning that I thought I would share with you.

  3. i miss argentina! what i would give for a cortado right about now... always served in the most perfect little ceramic cups. NEVER plastic or cardboard.

    even when my mom and i go to starbucks she always asks for a "real" cup and we sit down and enjoy our coffee. it's one of the things i love about her.

  4. I love this post. I love the peaceful feeling and gratification you get from taking the time to sit and socialize over coffee. And you're right about the difference in the depth of relationships. We're such a go-go-go society that we forget that we need some real, soulful connections.

  5. this makes me miss barcelona.

  6. I love this post! It's so true... hardly anyone here takes the time to develop relationships... it's sad because that's what we're here for-to learn about each other and love each other.


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