Baby, I'm Red'y to Go

tessa 001

I saw this photo on Jak and Jil and got a kick out of the that man in the background. He's totally smitten for that gorgeous ginger. And who wouldn't be! There is something so eye-catching about red hair. I read somewhere that only about 11% of people in the world are redheads, but it's the most popular color of hair dye. My best friend Tessa (that's her in the top picture) has red hair, and if it weren't for the fact that we already show up in identical outfits at work atleast once I week, I think I might be fun to try it out.

Have you ever considered going red?


  1. That girl's hair is beautiful. I personally could never pull off read but when a girl does, there is nothing like it :-)

  2. Super photos. No red for me, but love it.

  3. I have naturally red hair, and though I hated it when I was younger, I love it now:) I'm lucky though... I can tan, without just burning then going back to being very fair skinned (which most red heads are), I have brown eyes (while most red heads have green or blue), and I actually don't have tons of freckles (which again, not all do, but most red heads have). Yes, I'm lucky, and I love my red hair!:)

    My advice to those thinking of dying their hair red, try to pick a very natural red looking colour, and maybe even make the transition slowly... If it's not done right, it's very obvious that the red is not real!


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