Curls & Coffee {two things I know something about}

Good morning readers! I did a little guest post for Meg over at Curls & Coffee since my 'career' (as a barista) and my hair (the texture of a brillo pad) make me a bit of an expert on her two inspirations. Here are two little life lessons I've learned from each

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Blame it on Marissa Cooper, but for some reason every girl in private school in Southern California, at some time or another, wants or has blonde hair. I am no exception. It took me 3 years of dyejobs and straightening to finally give up, and give into my dark roots. Now I'm a happy, kinky haired brunette, but it wasn't easy. At first, I hated my messy mop, but eventually I learned that fighting against something is a waste of time. You have to work with what life gave you, and sometimes those things (like my hair) are big and out of your control.

When I graduated from college I envisioned myself going forth and achieving my dreams but here I sit, one year later, working for minimum wage in a restaurant with my diploma on my fridge. Often when customers find out that I'm a college graduate they'll say "Really? Than what are you doing working here?" and sometimes I ask myself the same question. Working in the service industry is frustrating, and exhausting when every person you meet thinks they are the most important person in the world (and their iced-non-fat-mochachino is the most important cup of coffee). But, life, and my work day, are a lot more meaningful when I treat them like they are. Maybe I'm not saving the world just yet, but I might be saving someone's morning. A listening ear and a hot latte can go a long way. 



  1. "A listening ear and a hot latte can go a long way." Definitely needed to hear that :) 'cause it's true!! Good to know we're making the world a better place, one tasty coffee concoction at a time.

    Love you.

  2. Love Love Coffee!!! And love this post!

  3. I have natural curls and drink coffee everyday.:) love this....curls and coffee...rock:)

  4. I absolutely love curls and have always wished my hair were curly.


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