Two of My Favorite Things Made a Baby

Kate Spade and Literature!

I must have this Book of the Month Clutch from Kate Spade. I absolutely must. When I saw this in my inbox {yes, kate spade e-mails me with new items ... which in itself is dangerous} I rushed to check my savings bank account. So far I can afford 1/5th of this clutch. For now I'm going to settle on having it as my computer background.


  1. shut up... my favorite book. in a sunny color. as a KATE SPADE CLUTCH?!?! too freaking good to be true, soulmate. too good to be true.

  2. That is a cool clutch. :)

  3. wow thats so cool! id never have thought of a classic book as a clutch!

    Jo @ Sun Kissed


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