We've All Know Fate Songs

"This is the scenario when I get the day's clincher, the one I forgot to expect. A song gets attached to her. Just when you think you're dicked to the maximum extent of natural law, something always comes up that you forgot about. I know the routine from here. Everybody knows deep down there's no way to kill a Fate song once it's stuck. The only way to wash them out is to buy the song and play it day and night, until it doesn't mean anything anymore. Only forty gazillion years it takes. Everybody knows it, but I don't remember being taught that little pearl back in school, about the destructive power of Fate songs. Correct me if maybe I was absent that day, or if that was the day I spent cleaning the yard on account of liberating frogs from the lab.

I hear her song through the 'Tss, tss, tss' of a guy's earphone, a couple of rows up. I don't even know the words to the song, but you can bet I'll spend the next eighty years in hell making every line fit my situation. Even if it ends up being about fucken groundhogs in space or something"
Vernon God Little, DBC Pierre


  1. hahaha this just made me laugh out loud... f'ing Fate songs.


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