My 23rd Birthday Under the Sea : Cocktails

Do you remember how I told you I was having an Under The Sea themed 23rd Birthday? Well, I got all the film back from my vintage Pentax k1000 and I'm so excited to share everything with you through out the week!
Party Sponsored by Bombay Saffire

First up : the cocktails. I used a recipe recommended to me by a regular at the coffeshop where I work. He said to use Henrick's gin, but I insisted on Bombay Sapphire because it comes in that turquoise blue bottle. {my grandmother says she's always disappointed that the gin isn't that color too, ha!}. It was super easy {for real this time}. Here is the recipe, complete with lots of inaccurate measurements because that's the way I do things in the kitch.

you will need:
1 pint gin
2 liters of 7up
1 large cucumber
1 pack fresh sage
1. Peel and thinly slice 3/4 of a large cucumber and place in the bottom of a large pitcher. Slice and save the last 1/4 for garnish
2. Rip a bunch of sage leaves off of their stems and put in the pitcher too
3. Add two cups of ice, get a muddler, and basically pound the bagezzus out of it.
4. fill it about 1/3 of the way with the gin of your choosing (hopefully in a bottle that is a coordinating color to the parties theme).
5. add enough ice to keep cool and fill the rest with 7up
7. garnish with a cucumber wheel and serve chilled

{please drink responsibly. Remember every 2 drinks, cut it with water}

cheers to 23 years!

Bottoms up! & tune in tomorrow for the table arrangements


  1. i like the shout out to jens safe drinking advice!

  2. happy belated birthday! i can't wait to see more photos.

    that cocktail sounds delightful. kiwi and i like to make gin and tonics with hendrick's and cucumbers.

  3. Happy belated birthday Samantha! The recipe looks great, thanks! Your Grandmother is very sweet! City Girl x


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