portland places : Pix's Bastille Day

grassy knoll : Pix North Williams - Bastille Day Block Party 2010

a photo from Pix's Bastille Day Block Party.
I told you it was going to be tre fun!
It's like the 4th of July, but French.


  1. These photos are truly lovely, Sam. The one of the bartender is such a sweet, simple moment; it really captures a snippet of time.

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  3. I wish <3
    Sean and I decided our 'anniversary' is Bastille Day because our first 'date' was at the Pix Block Party!

    so funnn....

  4. Thanks Amanda. I actually considered not posting that one because I don't really like the color in it (the black is too grayed out for me). I'll take your artistic photographic eye over mine anyday.


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