Falling in Love with Orange

I've never been a big fan of orange, perhaps because it heralds the end of my favorite season. But a few things have given me an attitude adjustment
  1. This is Glamorous pointed out, autumn comes in shades of Hermes. Now that is a positive association.
  2. Seen all over Paris on Little Brown Pen the perfect tangerine color suddenly seems so french
  3. I bought an old book yesterday called Color Design, published in 1972 by Harald Mante, to teach me about using color more effectively in my film photography. It says that Orange
    "combines the brilliance of yellow with the warmth of red. It's luminous ... the absolute pole of warmth."
    It's inspired me to focus on orange to capture the few perfect, warm air and cool breeze, September days.

If you look in the thesaurus for synonyms for Orange one of them is bittersweet.
Much like its appearance in the trees at summers end & my new feelings for this color.


  1. this totally gave me a new outlook on the color orange. though I do think the trees look beautiful with red and orange color leaves...i just hate when they fall off and winter comes. haha


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