With the Same Wide - Eyed Wonder

Travel has a way of making us see the world differently. Things are felt more fully - because every sight and smell is usually something that we won't ever feel again. Even the most mundane things seem exciting because the opportunity for them is so short.

Walking the downtown farmers market last Saturday, I was reminded of the mercados in Argentina and was filled with the longing for that kind of experience, one punctuated by the new and unique.

And, I had to stop myself because there are things everywhere to be felt for the first time. There is no reason I can't treat Portland with the same wide-eyed wonder I would treat Paris or Prague.

Because I won't be seeing this city again; at least not like this, not for a while.

[images from my pentax k1000 of greenbeans King's Farmers Market in North Portland]


  1. I love going to markets!! And completely agree that traveling is good for the soul!!! And opening up one's eye!! Hugs!


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