Existential Crisis Interrupted

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, lately I've had a hard time with life. I'm so disappointed in this world, which when described, sounds more and more like hell : a place full of defective souls motivated by greed with no deference for eachother's happiness or good. I feel heavy with the knowledge that what I have inside doesn't match the outside world I'm living in.

It's silly to think a video on a taco shop brought me back. But, it reminded me that there is still hope in lives lived with simplicity; on rooftops, greeted by bees and waves in the morning. Maybe the world is hell - but this short film makes me remember that heaven exists in the corners, where it is willed to be.

['Rockaway Taco' produced and shot by The Selby]


  1. This video is so inspiring. I'm in awe of his lifestyle and really hope I can find my own path in life that's as fulfilling, challenging, rewarding and eye opening to how beautiful life can be if we really open our eyes and take a peak.


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