Forever Young : Eternally Interning

By now, all you daily readers here at Unconventionally Beautiful have determined that I don't exactly have a little thing called a career. How do I tell people ...
"Organized, overly-enthusiastic, young lady seeks position to orchestrate large scale projects with small scale details. Position must be creative, and craft/caffeine driven.
Skills include: bow tying, rubber cementing, typewriting to rival Joan Holloway?"
Who knew all of these 'skills' would help me land a perfect little dream internship with Chelsea Fuss at Frolic!, one of The Times' top 20 design blogs in the world. It involves literally everything i love : ribbons, weddings, flowers, glue-sticks, streamers, everything.

here are two of the project's I've worked on :

(1) a paperwhite bulb kit and (2) a confetti systems inspired latern .
Both are for Project Wedding

Even before I started interning, I was a daily reader of {Frolic!}. Her aesthetic has a simplicity usually reserved for minimalism, but maintains every personal and natural touch. Working with her has been so humbling, but so inspiring.

I thought I'd share her work with the few of you who aren't familiar already, and clue you into what I've been up to the last month. Knowing her, you will be fans with the first click-through.

[ images (1) & (2) creative commons copywrited to
{frolic} (p.s) even Joanna at cup of jo is a fan.]


  1. Sammy! I am so happy for you! That is perfect (and adorable)!!! Congratulations on moving forward with your destiny to create world peace via bows and other accessories. I can't wait for your book to come out.



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