Fear & Loathing in Life After College

In the real world there is no syllabus and no finals. There is no new start, no day dedicated to how to do well and to succeed. And, there is no end. No marked way to show what's been accomplished, no way to look back and be proud. Time expands infinitely: dragging behind me, daunting before me.

I now live in a world where the mistakes are real mistakes - and they don't go away at the end of every semester when I get a new notebook and new classes. I don't get a rough draft of my life thus far; where there are clear ways to become better. In real life there is no red pen for direction, that says 'this portion could use some work' or 'this is not a meaningful connection'.

There is no one here to guide me: to show me, not the answers, but the right questions.

Because, life after college is independent study.

[image f: my
pentax k1000. Rooftop at home in Mission Beach, October 2008]


  1. I love reading your posts! This one especially...so true!

  2. Thanks Jamie! I'm excited to see your fifth graders participating in blogging too. Hopefully they don't get hooked like me, it really interferes with homework! hah


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