Little Love Note for Little Winter

Dear people coming for Little Winter,
I'm so excited to get to meet everyone. I'm going to try my best to act like an upstanding intern, and not a super fan. It's been so beautiful this week, it's like the whole city is waiting to wow you (look!). But coming to Portland when the sun in shining is dangerous, you will want to live here.
pdx fall
pdx fall 2

[(1 and 2) pentax k1000, on 400 iso film. (fyi)
little winter is the project I've been interning on. If you live in Portland I hope you will come!]


  1. Have a nice week end at Little Winter!
    I wish i was there..

  2. That second photo is beautiful! Portland really is gorgeous in the fall :).

  3. homecollection I wish you could have come too! but if you had to be anywhere else, at least it was Paris!


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