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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own.
I live in a studio apartment that I am unreasonably attached to. I spent 3 weeks refurbishing the place before I moved in (with the help of my dad and my aunt Tara - who made me feel like I was on extreme makeover home edition). It's the first place I've ever lived that's mine.

I'm sharing these pictures with you today because I love looking at people's homes. It's like spending time inside someone's world and being able to touch the otherwise intangible things inside that make people so complicated and unique.

Welcome to my home, and let me show you around...

kitchen combined
windows combined
pears combined
(1) Apples and pears : from the orchard Eli's family owns. Mexican table cloth: old town San Diego. Photos over the oven: taken by me of a very special place, Cafe Chloe.

(2) Flower garland over the window: my one and only souvenir from Argentina (you can see them blooming out of my backpack in this photo). They are made of wool by an artist in Buenos Aires, and can be found at laguanacazul gallery in San Telmo. Painting to the left of the door: Holographic, and my dad and Eli agree on its artistic value. I'm coming around.

(p.s.) More photos of people's places and things at The Selby | my photos : kitchen window sill | my dishes


  1. I love your cheery little home!

    Here's mine. :)

  2. oh one of my favorite books! and of course you have a wonderfully cozy kitchen, just like you!

  3. What a lovely home (: So bright and beautiful! New your blog (:

  4. Emily - I absolutely loved the photos of your kitchen. so gorgeous.
    Cassy - I thought it was a fitting source to quote from, since this apartment is finally my 'room of one's own'
    Michaela - Thank you! I'm happy to have you.


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