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locked away

"How simple to put myself into storage; sometimes I forgot whole parts of myself that I put away for the book I was going to write one day, the one that was going to be filled with everything"
Nicole Krauss, Great House


  1. close enough. killingsworth and montana! still close enough for coffee dates and photoshoot! by the way I have been meaning to tell you how much i have been loving your blog lately. I have been coming back and rereading things so much lately!

  2. YES.

    (Please note: Nicole Krauss's words make it into my post today, too... Duh, soulmate.)

    (Oh, and also--we managed to talk for two hours yesterday. It felt like twenty minutes. I'm so, SO grateful for you.)

  3. Hahaha I clicked on the comments KNOWING Laura was going to have one. Loves it. Love this quote, love you both, love Nicole Krauss.


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