Stop and Go

horse hook
One of my favorite things about Portland is how old the city is. There are still hooks in all the sidewalks in my neighborhood for people to rope their horses too.

They are a good reminder for me on days like today; where I'm faced incessantly with all of the things I haven't done quite right. On days when unanswered letters are the first thing on my mind in the morning, days when I want to pick up the phone and say I'm sorry one more time, because maybe this time it will be enough.

The horse-hooks remind me that even things that seem eternal (like iron and cement and regret) wont mean so much later as when they where first planted. Time, sooner or later, moves everything along.


  1. thank you for posting that. exactly what i needed to hear.

  2. great post.

    there is an artist who ties plastic horses to those hooks in different neighborhoods in portland....there's a blue pony living right down the street from me here in woodstock.

    keep me posted after you're busy slows down. proud of you for keeping perspective.

  3. What a beautiful thought. I love the details that older cities have. I've heard so many lovely things about Portland, but this is the first time I've heard of its history.


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