Style Inspired : Being John Malkovich

Style Inspired : Being John Malkovich

I refuse to believe I was born in the 80's and grew up the in the 90's. With the exception of a little flannel and floral grunge, I really don't relate to any of the fashion staples of those eras and I haven't participated in the exposed zipper/big shoulder comeback. (and I definitely don't ever want to see another glittery butterfly graphic-t again.)

But, recently I watched the movie Being John Malkovich (1999) and I am seriously style inspired by Catherine Keener's character, Maxine. Her look is both contemporary for the time (lots of A line, cotton/lycra material) and classic. She dresses almost entirely in black and white, and everything is simple. simple. simple. Her palette lends a business attitude to the otherwise low-key seperates she wears, since the majority of the scenes for this movie take place in an office. Such a nice alternative to a polyester pants suit that makes me feel like I'm 17 and working at Victoria's Secret.

Work this look at work with a long sleeve t-shirt from j.crew and one of the stretch pencil skirts from American Apparel, like I did this week. And the finishing touches? a nice coat of plum red lipstick (and no bra if you're feeling brave.)

(p.s.) watch Catherine Keener in all her slender and simple sexiness in the trailer here.


  1. I'm obsessed with plum lipstick! love your blog. your refrigerator is surprisingly inspiring. :)


  2. the 90's are the best and i heart catherine keener.

  3. i'm not quite brave enough for the bra-less look, but i admire those who are. my boobs are little so i could pull it off, but i definitely won't be giving it a try in chilly weather like today :).

    oh...and i 110% agree with your comment about heinous glittery butterfly graphic tees. i worked at aeropostale during the holidays when i was in college and it was right when they first opened and the glitter tees were their big gimmick. i came home every night COVERED in sparkles. no bueno.

    hope you're having a lovely week!



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