An Inspiration Board Anywhere

"Inspiration Boarding" is something I've been doing since before I knew it had a proper name. (as is true for most kids who have ever had a binder or a locker door). At my internship, we use inspiration boards on shoots and they often involve magazine tears, fabric swatches, and found objects. It's these little bits that make up a cohesive experience when someone looks at photograph. And they keep us on track as we visually tell a story.

Although there is definitely an art to arranging images, an inspiration board is a relatively easy way to remind yourself of the kind of place you are trying to create - not just in the work you do, but in the place you're living in.

Everywhere is an inspiration board
clockwise from Bottom Left : (1) print from two guitars (2) my college diploma (3) seahorse aquarium magnet (4) elephant birthday card from Jessi (5) flower photograph by Irving Penn (6) Jack Kerouac magnet "I have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion" (7) photobooth pictures with my college roommate Diana at the Ace Hotel. (8) "Hogs and kisses from Missouri" magnet, the most sentimental present Eli's ever given me.

Infact, I bet you have an inspiration board somewhere in your home right now : on your fridge!
Is there anything special that you keep in a place of honor guarding the ketchup and lettuce? I'd love to hear it .

(p.s.) two gorgeous inspiration boards
here | here. oh, and here


  1. I always did fun collages for binders and lockers in high school! So fun! And now I think my bulletin board counts as an inspiration board (:

  2. I love moodboards!
    I actually spoke about that on my blog...
    thats all for me! really great job and keep going!


  3. following you, I want to see more moodboards like these!!

  4. Nice, and I like what is going on in the third post. Thanks for sharing and come and visit me too when you have time.


  5. Very nice, this blog very interesting dear)))

  6. Michaela I definitely agree. (as you can see from my fridge)
    tonio , Ellinor , and Annushka : thanks for stopping by! I'd love to see links of any moodboards you've done!


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