A Thought for Friday

A Thought for Friday

Tacked to a telephone pole on N. Mississippi ave
"This feeling, oh Lord.
This feeling, it's amazing.
It's in the stars, in the sun.
It's everywhere, in everyone"
A little reminder that happiness can be found in everything around us, and in ourselves.

H a p p y F r i d a y !

another lovely thought posted in the neighborhood]


  1. Great reminder! (: Thanks! Happy weekend (:

  2. love this! I just found your blog and am loving it :)


  3. So lovely! A good reminder.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I've admired your style for a while. :) I live in a cozy little house in North Portland and I love it. It's perfect and full of boots and cheer.

  4. Sweet!
    (mississippi ave. was one of my favorites streets in portland!)

  5. I just read a book about finding joy and celebration in the little parts of daily life and this goes right along with it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. one of the wonderful things about blogging - being able to a share a sign in your neighborhood with friends all over. I'm glad it made you smile, like it made me!

    I liked doing this, I think I'll try and make 'happy friday' a regular post!

    Lauren what book are you reading?
    Ms. Pink Thanks! I'm happy to have you!


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