Garance Doré | On Winter Blues

"I’ve become my own shadow as this year nears its end. What’s with the aura… The hair… The disposition? Hey, why are you in tears and why are you laughing? Except that when I find myself in the doldrums , face buried in scarf and counting the days before vacation begins… I run into a shining, shimmering, splendid star like Clémence Poésy"
[ (1) Garance Dore. (p.s.) A comparative look at Street Style Photographers]

* It's nice to know that even for someone whose grace seems effortless, this time of year can be a bit draining. I think this reflection from her speaks volumes about the redemptive power of inspiration when you find yourself in "the doldrums". It's something I've been considering a lot this week. [originally here, and productively here]


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