An End to Over and Over

Serious Danny
In an effort to break out of my daily routine - I took some pictures of my friend Danny with my film camera this weekend. He wanted to commemorate the new him - which started with shaving his head. I think he looks like a Buddhist monk, which is why we chose the orange colored scarf.

I've been trying to get better at taking portraits, not just pictures of inanimate objects. I got lucky because it was overcast and bright, which brings out my favorite kind of diffuse white light. I really struggle with the contrast of direct sunlight.

Just the anticipation of getting the film back the next day made my weekend so exciting! And having something fun to show for it makes me feel more like the kind of creative, fun person I want to be (and sometimes lose touch with, this time of year) .

Did you do anything creative this weekend?


  1. Sam! i love this photo. i forget how beautiful portraits are on film.

  2. Thank you Cassy! The combination of a handsome man, an old camera, and overcast light gives me too much credit.

  3. Great picture! I discovered Kennedy School (McMenamins) this weekend...which was *amazing*!


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