She Often Feels Its Corners

square soul
"The shape of her soul is a square.
She knows this to be the case
because she often feels its corners
pressing sharp against the bone
just under her shoulder blades
and across the wings of her hips.
Of course, this square
does not appear on x-rays, and often,
weeks may pass when she forgets
that it exists. When she does think
to consider its purpose in her life,
she can say only that it aches with
a single mystery, for whose answer
she has long ago given up the search—
since its question is a word whose name
can never quite be asked. This yearning,
she has concluded, is the only function
of the square, repeated again and again
in each of its four matching angles,
until, with time, she is persuaded
anew that what it frames has no
interest in ever making her happy."
from Young Smith, She Considers the Dimensions of Her Soul
[(1) at Portland's Rebuild-It Center. On 400iso film, with the Pentax k1000 (p.s.) For the Resilient Ones] 


  1. I'm not someone who is adept and understanding and responding to poetry - but I adore this one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jill : That's my favorite thing about Poetry. It defies the need for analysis and it just makes you feel

  3. Sammy this is one of those times where I read something and feel like it was made for me. Thanks for blogging this :)


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