Tom Robbins | A Welcome to March

Semi-snow day in Portland
"Because she was no longer up until dawn trying to make perfume, she was rested and energetic, and since meeting Wiggs she mainly looked at life, even when it was studded with failures and misfortunes, with a subdued, irrational cheerfulness. So, though she had to battle impatience on several different fronts, and though February lay about her shoulders like a cloak of lead, Priscilla stayed afloat.

Then came March."
Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

[ (1) the neighborhood on a semi-snow day. Snow poses a challenge for my usual wide-open and washed out photographing ways. 
(p) Pentax k1000, on 400iso film - 1/500, f2.8 . Too much (not enough?) contrast] 


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