Where the Feeling Never Ends


I heard somewhere that the two things that aren't affected by economy or weather are beer and icecream. I don't have a proper source for you on that fact, because I instantly accepted it, for personal reasons.

I'm pretty sure that even if I was in an actual blizzard ... I would still want a Blizzard from DQ. 

Hope your weekend is irresistible!

[ (1) my first ever double exposure - what can I say, Blizzards bring out genius. Actually, this was an awesome accident.  Pentax k1000 on 400iso film, backlighting was key]


  1. That photo is amazing.

    And so are blizzards.

  2. No way... that is perfect. PERFECT. And it just makes me miss you oh-so-much more!

  3. Haha, that is funny! I am sure that the statement about the economy is quite true. People can't get enough of this stuff...who knows if that is good or bad!


    Love your blogg!


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