Happy Easter, Darling!

Easter Daffodils (and Eggs)

On most days I'm not sure what's guiding human life. Whether it's a bearded, robed man smiling from the sky or merely a benevolent energy inside everything -  I often feel like my life has no direction, much less a divine plan set out by the heavens.

 Even if the story of Jesus rising from the dead isn't fact, but rather a parable written to teach us something, I appreciate Easter.  A person was destroyed by hate, but he wasn't defeated. On this day he came back.

I like that lesson, and I will honor it by spiking my blood sugar with jelly beans.

* Sorry about my absence all week. I had the flu. But, being-sick stories are like airplane-layover stories (everyone has one, but they're so borning to hear). I'll save you the 104 degree details and just say : I'm on the mend, and I'll see you on Monday!

[ (1) pentax k1000 on film, in my kitchen. More on my flickr ]


  1. yes to all. get home. hang out with me. the end.

  2. I love your perspective :) Regardless of religious beliefs, Easter is a pretty swell holiday in my opinion!

    your newest follower

  3. Sam, I love this post. You so beautifully captured the truth of Easter. I loved the lines "A person was destroyed by hate but he wasn't defeated. On this day he came back." Don't know if there's a more perfect way to describe Easter. Sorry to hear you were sick but glad you're on your way back!

  4. yes to Jesus, to jelly beans, to the little lessons behind Easter :)


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