What Could Be

In any given moment, I am living my life here - and thinking about how much happier, less anxious, or sunnier my life would be in Savannah or London.

I do this to everything. I romanticize old jobs and failed relationships. I crawl inside a life I've never had, that I imagine, when my day goes wrong in this one. 

But this weekend I went to the beach, and I got the rare feeling that I could live a simple life. I could be satisfied with wooden shingles and waves. Something as big as the ocean could fill this unnamed longing in my heart. I feel like this, this could be enough.

[ (1 and 2) Mission Beach, San Diego on 400iso film, with my pentaxk1000. More on my Flickr]


  1. of course. we are "crabs" at heart haha my beautiful moonchild sister. my heart belongs by the ocean and that is all i know. i think in another life (or maybe world for that matter, but i still like to believe in magic and fairies..) i was a mermaid. there is a deep, unsettled, restless longing that opens up a void in my heart, and the only thing that has ever come close to filling up that hole in my heart has been the spray of salty water on my cheeks and the sound of waves slapping the sand beneath my feet. sufficient to say, i know the feeling.

  2. It's amazing what good a long walk down the beach looking for sea glass can do for the soul.

  3. Molly : I love love love seaglass. It feels so special to me, and reminds me of summers on Long Beach Island with my grandmother.

  4. I have been thinking about this photograph for the past few days. It just passed through my mind randomly and it took me forever to remember where I saw it. It inspired me to paint my toenails red!

  5. Hilary : that makes my soul smile! I'm so happy to know this picture stayed with you.

    and I love red toenails. My mom always painted her's red on the first day of June, and kept them that color until Labor day!

  6. Good luck!
    Your pictures are perfect.


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