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Bottega Louie, macaron heaven
Bottega Louie for Breakfast
There are lots of not-so-fun things about being an adult: paying the electric bill. Washing the duvet cover. Trying to put the duvet cover back on your comforter and feeling like you are defying some fundamental law of physics (ugh.).

But, being an adult and being on vacation  ... now that is fun. While I was in Los Angeles, my friend Christopher took me to Bottega Louie. I had a cup of coffee and two french macarons. I had cookies for breakfast, just because I could.

What's your favorite thing about being a grown up?

(1 and 2) Pentax k1000 on 400iso film, shot at 100iso. More at Bottega Louie on my flickr


  1. cookies for breakfast? absolutely! you may read "javachip frap" on the starbucks board, but i see "milkkkkshakkkee!". you're great sam!

  2. i fully agree. duvet covers suck to get back on. therefore i don't wash mine nearly often enough. meh....

    my favorite thing about being a grown-up is eating ice cream for dinner. in the summer i like to go to the gym and then get fro-yo for dinner afterward. just because i can :). funny that you wrote this, because i was just telling my preschoolers about this today. they wanted cookies for lunch and i told them that they're kids and they don't get to choose, but once they're adults they can eat ice cream for dinner if they want. one of the little boys said "when i'm a grown up i'm going to eat ice cream EVERY night for dinner". haha!

  3. beautiful. Bacon for dessert.

  4. That's exactly the same thing I love about being a grown-up too! :) I actually had this moment when I was eating cookies for breakfast and I said aloud, "This is what I love about being an adult. No parents to tell you not to eat cookies for breakfast." :)

    I can't believe I haven't been to Bottega Louie, having lived in LA my whole life. I might have to go out this weekend to get some macarons for breakfast! ;)

    Happy weekend!

  5. Those cookies look delicious! I want to go to LA!


  6. Drinking lattes to my hearts content and thoroughly loving bookshops. I love these photos of yours!!! XO!

  7. I love that I can eat ice cream for breakfast if I want to. Easy to please, I guess.

  8. lauren : that story is so cute! I used to say that about my bed time - and now I go to bed at 10:30. Don't loose sight of your dream, young boy!

    alli : ohmygosh, even when I was a vegetarian I loved bacon!

    lillian : You must go! Absolutely divine. (It is in downtown though. I don't know about LA, but in Portland no one really goes downtown unless you work there)

  9. I love bottega! It's such a classy restaurant!!! So glad you go to visit there. How was the rest of your stay in LA?


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