Well, Aren't You Sharp as a Tack

Victory Lap
"You should start doing crossword puzzles. It's like exercise for the mind" my test-prep book said.

"Crosswords?" I replied "I'm a college graduate. This shouldn't be that hard."

That was on January 1st. And, I was humbled by 14 weeks of daily attempts and daily fails. I did pretty well most Mondays. On my 9th week I would have finished, if it wasn't for an 11-letter banking term. I can barely balance my checkbook.

But today, today was my day. A New York Times crossword puzzle made just for me.
 As a total sentimental sap, the 4 letter word for 'held on to' came easily (kept).
 And I'm a Harry Potter expert, an HPhd. So that 9 letter word for a villain was
as easy as v-o-l-d-e-m-o-r-t

Sure, it was the easiest day of the week.  But, for one Monday I am the champ. 
I am smart as that brainiac scribbling away in pen! I am as smart as everyone that buys their coffee at the downtown Starbucks and fills out a clue on the community crossword clipboard ... combined.


  1. Congratulations! I would love to complete a crossword, but I always get stuck. You've inspired me to try again though =)

  2. YES! Virtual high-five, best friend! (Radley's super jealous/proud of you too) Ha :)

  3. "And I'm a Harry Potter expert, an HPhd if you will"-- brilliant

  4. I just started doing crosswords...I bought one of those books of them from the magazine aisle, the small one that fits perfectly in my handbag. And by #19, I succeeded in completing my very first without cheating!

  5. samantha : ha - thanks. I laughed to myself as I wrote that. I really wish being a Harry Potter Scholar was a true career option!


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