Here Comes The Sun

When I left Portland it had been raining for 31 days straight.

So, when I got to San Diego and the sky was overcast I felt like throwing nothing short of a hissy fit.
The sun broke through the clouds on Friday. I felt every little blood cell in my cheeks rise to the surface, cheering the way teeny-boppers rush a stage.

I've been playing every song I can think of: I'm Walking on Sunshine and Soak Up the Sun.
Maybe they're a little cheesy. But when you feel like doing a choreographed dance inspired by a glowing yellow ball in the sky, cheesy is a perfect fit.  

[ (1) pentax k1000 on film. Mission Beach, San Diego (title) allusion to The Beatles, little darling.]


  1. 31 days of rain seems miserable. I'm glad you finally are seeing the sun! :)

  2. We have Portland like weather here in Central Ohio, so I can sympathize. Yesterday we had sun, and it was wonderful, rain today.


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