Style Inspired : San Diego

All you really need for a week in San Diego is a good bathing suit and a pair of aviators (these are the Von Zipper fernstiens). Unfortunately, I still managed to bring two suitcases and forget my sunglasses.  My style has changed a lot since I moved to Portland, so I broke out all my old monogrammed bags for one last go round.

And, I tucked in the card for the bouncer at the Sandbar. You know, just in case.


  1. I've always wanted to go to San Diego! Now I know what to bring when I go :)

  2. this made me so homesick for sd and our old house!!!!!

  3. oh how i'm longing for the california sun right now!!

    i must tell you i love the post just before this one--of your friend in the navy. it's filled with so many truths--the kind that i sometimes know and sometimes don't so to read them in someone else's words and be reminded does such good for my spirit.

    (ps: laura marie speaks so highly of you. and she's such good people that i i simply know you are as well).

  4. kiki : I know, I got a little lump in my throat passing by Island. So many good memories.

    Meg : Aw, thank you for coming by! I feel the exact same way - I get so wrapped up in my daily struggles (which are sometimes big, and are sometimes just the laundry). It's wonderful to have someone else's words to remind me.

    And, I hope everyone has someone in their lives as great as Laura ( ... or maybe just Laura herself, since now you two have met!)


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