A {frolic} Flower Class

I recently had the pleasure of attending Chelsea's first official {frolic!} flower class. 
She taught us how to make a 'french bouquet'; which we learned means the steams are tight and crossed and the overall shape is rounded. (Although, you could probably sell me anything with 'french' in the title. See me, buying the can of french cut greenbeans at the grocery store)

Chelsea was a fantastic teacher; sharing with us the history of the 'nose-gay' and encouraging all of our individual styles. The combination of her past life as a flower shop owner, and current career as a prop stylist make her a real pro!

I used shocking pink ranunculus, purple lilacs and white freesias, which smelled absolutely heavenly. Chelsea also suggested we use greenery in our bouquet, which I had never really though of. It gave them shape, and made them looked fuller and more finished at the end.

And, it was an added plus that the class was full of fun ladies like Lauren (of The Little Things We Do), Laura (a letter designer) and Jenn (an event planner at Bowtie and Bustle)

 It was such a great, girly morning and I had a beautiful bouquet to bring home to wish my sister good luck on her marthon. I always get a little sad when it's time to toss them - but as Chelsea pointed out ...

"That's the beauty of flowers. They aren't permanent. They're fleeting"

You can read more about the class from Lauren and Jenn and professor Chelsea, herself ( ... where you can also see a picture of me, my bouquet, and a very bad hairday).  
and there are more of  film pictures of the {frolic!} flower class at my flickr.
(p.s.) If this sounds like something you'd like to do, she'll be teaching another flower class at Summer School Portland!

* as many of you know, blogger (the publisher I use) was being a real butt-head and, because of a glitch, removed many recent posts from around blog-land. Luckily, this post wasn't gone for good - but some of the comments are. I promise I didn't delete them. I love every word you write to me.


  1. you are so sweet. i love this post! your photos are phenomenal.

  2. your photos are really beautiful!

  3. It was such a blast to meet you Sam! Hopefully we will get a chance to connect again soon! Gorgeous pics!

  4. blogger is so annoying sometimes, right?? it deleted my comments too. lame.

    i'm so glad we got to make bouquets together....but mostly just cause i got to see you :). you're fun!

  5. your photos turned out so beautiful! i wish i could have gone!


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