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"That's when I began to get up early in the morning - so I could write for a couple of hours and then give my employer my very best second-rate energy" Mary Oliver

My goal this week is to wake up earlier. With my new nine-to-fiver, I just haven't had much time to feel refreshed and creative. Mornings used to be my time, and then I'd go to work at the restaurant in the evenings, during my less productive hours. Now, I exhaust myself at work (to the benefit of my employers), come home, and sit on my bed and become a vegetable. And, I don't mean I become loaded with vitamins - think more like wilty, soggy, cauliflower (does anyone actually like cauliflower? It doesn't count if you like 'cauliflower au gratin', because anything is good covered in cheese.)

Anyway ... hopefully that will mean I have a few more things to share with you. And, maybe washing my hair more than once every five days. I hope you all find an extra hour this week too. If you think it's impossible, try looking in your coat pockets. That's where my favorite lipstick is always hiding.

(photo) a generic coffee cup photo from a breakfast at Gravy with Eli 
(p.s)  Thanks so much for your kind words yesterday. Writing something sad on a holiday makes me feel like a total downer, and I'm always nervous when it comes to sharing my less sunny feelings. But, something inside me always says it's important to be honest - if it's just for that one day a year.


  1. This is my goal every week and it hasn't happened yet. I'm a professed "night owl" that never has the energy after my own nine-to-fiver to get much writing done. Maybe knowing that someone else out there feels my pain and struggles like I do, I can get up in the morning tomorrow like I keep promising to myself.

  2. Bethany - I was unsuccessful this morning. Here's to hoping for the rest of the week, right?

  3. I was successful yesterday, unsuccessful today. There's still Friday! And I guess, if we're honest with ourselves, our whole lives. Here's to grace. :)

  4. Well, on the bright side, it's healthy for your hair that you haven't been washing it often! This summer I've been washing mine only about once a week or so, and it is so much healthier. I've also been using baking soda to wash it since that is a natural cleanser.


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