Lisa Warninger | On Portland's Smart Style

"One trend that is never going to go away here is looking smart. Wearing glasses, that kind of nerdy cool will always be popular. It's a very bookish kind of town and this is the only place I've ever lived where I see people reading while walking down the street all the time. People here love to be informed and well-read, and I think that kind of academic nerdiness will always be fashionable."
Lisa Warninger, photographer of Urban Weeds, in an interview with

I love what Lisa had to say about Portland style. I always smile to myself as I ride the bus in the morning. It's like being in a hip library on wheels. Everyone is dressed in their best business-casual (sweaters, black leggings, and oxfords ... not a pants-suit in sight) holding Portland's favorite accessory, a paperback book.  

[ image by Lisa Warninger, for Urban Weeds]


  1. I Love Portland's favorite accessory :) Brilliant!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  2. hi there.

    this bookwhore has to visit Portland!

  3. Sam! I love this!

    (and I just read a ton of your blog... also loved that Ira Glass post, I found that episode to be quite inspiring. esp when I think I'm still not quite good enough. Thank goodness we get better!)

    big hug

  4. Lisa: Thanks! You know I'm a big fan. Sometimes I ask myself when I get dressed in the morning "is this outfit Urban Weeds worthy?"


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